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QiOO Interactive develops software for small devices. Beside their occupation for professional mobile business companys our crew members run QiOO as a part-time and off-topic experimental field research for mostly non-commercial purposes. Currently we are working on the following projects:


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Current Projects
  • A new book by our crew member Thomas Lucka will be released in Autumn 2010! It will be the first book covering Open GL ES and iPad game development with the new iPhone SDK 4.0. For more info see: http://www.hanser.de/buch.asp?isbn=978-3-446-42306-0&area=Computer
  • One of our crew members released an exciting book about Mobile Game programming. See: http://www.hanser.de/buch.asp?isbn=978-3-446-41197-5&area=Computer
  • The Project Gutenberg is using our QiC mobile technology. Help on the new ebook format can be found on our products page.
  • QiC Mobile - create your own mobile ebooks from any txt source: http://handybibliothek.qioo.de/qic.php
  • The Mobile Library - free ad-sponsored mobile books, see: http://mobilelibrary.qioo.de/ or http://www.handybibliothek.de
  • IoJo - utilizing a rich set of mobile communication tools
  • Miojo - just like Iojo but featuring a limited set of mobile communication tools
  • Scarcs - 360° scrolling action game for cellphones
  • Twin Planet - innovative mobile multiplayer-game, the first realtime multiplayer-game worldwide for java enabled handsets over GPRS/UMTS-networks
  • Avys - color recognition with camera cellphones, suitable for blind people, also coming with sound interpretation of colors
  • Pon-Go - a mobile pong-adaption with innovative new features and motivating realtime two-player mode
  • mDraft - tool for generating slide-presentations on mobile phones
  • Maudit - 8-bit sound engine for mobile phones generating synthetic sounds from scratch, ready for use in games, significantly reducing jar-size
  • Maudit Online - virtual online synthesizer showing capabilites of Maudit via your browser-interface, comes with additional realtime knob tweaking

Contact Information
Lüneburger Str. 1 | 10557 Berlin | Germany | Phone: +49 30 857 11 721, +49 177 4130 863 | info [at] qioo.com
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