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The Project Gutenberg Mobile EBooks (Based On QiOO's QiC Technology)

Use QiOO's QiC and create your own mobile books or simply browse to Gutenberg.org and download your favourite ebooks from the steady growing Gutenberg collection. The resulting book is in the JAR format which is commonly available on every JAVA-enabled cell phone world wide. To transfer the JAR book to your mobile phone use a data cable, Bluetooth or Infrared. Consult your phone manual for more information. Make sure your phone has enough memory for your book. Text files below 64 Kilobyte should run even on the oldest phone - only make sure your phone supports at least MIDP 2.0. Please note: Some phones only allow OTA-installation (e.g. Samsung). In this case you must upload your JAR book to a server and then download it from your phone's browser. In rare cases an additional JAD-file is required for installation, which is actually a simple text file that points to the JAR-file. Google for "Jad Generator" and you will find multiple solutions. If you have more questions, please contact us at qic@qioo.de - Please keep in mind that this is a free service - enjoy!
You can use QiC free of charge to convert your own books: http://handybibliothek.qioo.de/qic.php
The Mobile Library - FREE Mobile Books For Your Cellphone

In Japan reading eBooks while on the go is already a big trend. People enjoy to read all kinds of stories while sitting e.g. in the subway train or at the beach. Mobile gaming, taking photos with the built-in camera or even watching television on cellphones is now widely accepted and the Mobile Library adds another interesting new opportunity to make use of current mobile technologies. Mostly all books are ad-sponsored and free downloadable OTA or from website for manual installation.

For more information please visit: http://mobilelibrary.qioo.de/
MAVYS - Pixel Music Production Center

Be creative and use MAVYS to produce amazing new sounds from scratch - just draw pixels on the screen and instantly hear how the program transfers the picture into sound. Each picture will be interpreted in realtime and result in mobile ringtones you can save and send to the web for further editing with professional sequencer software like Cubase or Logic Audio.
  • paint sounds in realtime
  • mobile synthesizer with innovative algorithms
  • integrated 16-step sequencer (up to 192 steps possible)
  • adjustable algorithms that dramatically change the impression
  • create polyphony ringtones
  • save and upload ringtones
  • e-mail export function
Free Download: Click here (GetJar - Link)
SCARCS - Mobile Action Game > Buy Now!

This innovative game features one of the best game controls ever seen in a mobile game so far. With just two keys the player controls his movement in 36 directions! Alongside with this the game shows superfast smooth scrolling known from classic game handhelds (e.g. gameboy). Features:
  • 360° player movement (never seen in any game before)
  • fast arcade style action
  • totally destroyable environments (maximum destruction - feature)
  • available on a wide range of handsets (including Nokia S40 / S 60, SE T610/T630 and all MIDP 2.0-Phones)
AVYS - Mobile Sound Generation
[Selected by Sun and BenQ Mobile
as one of the 10 best applications in 'Professional' Java Masters category 2006]

Avys is a very innovative little software tool that produces ringtones from camera input! Have you ever wanted to know how - for example- your face sounds like? Just hold the cam in front of your face and Avys will immediately start playing sounds generated from integrated cellphone camera. Features:
  • Color recognition mode: Produced sounds will vary upon the base color of the camera input
  • Melody mode: Fast ringtone sounds generated only by the pixels of the cam-input
  • Future extension will include SPEECH SYNTHESIS. This could be helpful for children who want to learn the name of colors or for blind people who want to know about the color of things. Avys will name the base color of the pictures instantly made by cellphone camera.
  • Another future extension will allow the user to send a ringtone generated from a static picture to another user! So you will get an audio-visual representation of a snapshot!
  • Compatible to MMAPI 1.0
RUSK - Mobile Mini-Game

After living in peace for over 1000 years, our beloved galaxy is now attacked by a dark alliance of numerous evil hordes - called the R.U.S.K. Forces. Your mission is to destroy all enemy clone-bases that control our system. Radar control will show you where you can find a base. After clearing a sector successfully you will have to enter the enemy-command-base and destroy the kernel of the reactor. Once destroyed hurry up and escape from base as soon as possible! Many sectors are infiltrated by enemy corpses so be warned, there is a lot of action for you! Each new enemy wave will attack you harder!

QiOO GAME API - Mobile Game Engine

Our QiOO GAME API is designed to cover a wide range of mobile gaming projects. Features:
  • Integrated client/server functionalities, suitable for multiplayer gaming, player-matching, chat functions
  • Best performance even on older phones
  • Level management
  • Level generation (tile-based, fully compatible to MIDP 1.0/2.0!)
  • Including TBM-Scrolling (using triple buffers to speed-up tile-based games up to 50%!)
Speak to us if you want to speed-up your own future mobile game developing!
IoJo - Mobile Webcam

IoJo is the FIRST mobile webcam worldwide (launched in 2004) and it also features a rich range of mobile communication features! How it works: Just like any webcam you know, but of course without any wires! Imagine lying on the beach at your summer-holiday and sending your impressions with your phone immediately to your friends all over the world! That's just one exciting example of how you could use IoJo... Features:
  • Automatic cam-shots, which will be uploaded to a web server.
  • Adjustable trigger-time or manual snapshot-mode
  • Pictures taken can be easily integrated into user's homepage without any programming knowledge
  • Each user gets a unique web address to show his pictures to others
  • Scalable picture size, depends on capabilities of the phone
  • Integrated CHAT function!
  • Integrated E-MAIL function!
  • Available for Nokia 3650/3660, Nokia 6600, Siemens SX1, as well as all MIDP 2.0 phones with MMAPI-Cam-Support
TWIN PLANET - Realtime Multiplayer Mobile Game

Twin Planet is the FIRST realtime multiplayer gaming experience worldwide for java enabled phones over GPRS/UMTS networks. You can read more about this project >>here<< (sorry, at the moment only in german language).
Mela - Mobile Mini-Game

Up-to-Date adaption of our FIRST mobile game, targeted for b/w screens in 2003.
This unique game concept is still a thrilling experience, support for newest handset generations is available. Watch out for this!

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